File-to-file scenario: “Interface determination did not yield any actual interface”


Since SAP PI 7.3, message routing base on operations which means SAP PO is trying to match the payload with one of the operations defined in the message.

As a result in some cases this may lead to interface failing with the following message:

“Interface determination did not yield any actual interface”


There are three possible options to resolve the issue:

  1. Use dummy interface and namespace which are not defined in Enterprise Services Repository (ESR). This works best if your scenario does not base on ESR at all and is entirely build in Integration Directory (ID) only 🙂
  2. Check setting of the attribute “Interface Patterns” used in your outbound service interface in Enterprise Services Repository (ESR). Make sure that option “Stateless XI 3.0 Compatible is selected.
  3. In the ICO, you use the interface defined in ESR, but remove the SWCV of the sender interface, so it looks like a dummy interface for the ICO.

In my recent project, solution number 2 has fixed the issue with my File-to-File interface (SAP PO 7.5)

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