Eclipse tool for Enterprise Services Repository in SAP NetWeaver PI

Since PI 7.31 SAP introduced Eclipse tool for ESR. Since that time SAP conducted some major development and since PO 7.5 we have fully functional 3 perspectives available in Eclipse:

  • Enterprise Services Repository for design objects
  • Process Composer for process modeling,
  • Process Integration Designer for scenario configuration

Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to take first steps in configuring NWDS for PI/PO developments.

ESR tool

  1. Run NWDS and once it opens navigate to:

Window -> Preferences -> WebServices -> Enterprise Service Browser

Then, fill in following fields:

  • ESR System with SID of your system
  • ESR Host
  • ESR Http Port
  • ESR Https Port
Picture 1. Enterprise Service Browser configuration

2. If you’re running NWDS ESR tool for the first time (and since you’re going through this tutorial I assume you are 🙂 ) you need to add a new perspective. To do so click on the Open Perspective button and in the pop-up window select Enterprise Services Repository as presented in the screen below.

Picture 2. Add ESR perspective to NWDS

3. Once you added new perspective you can select system you want to connect to (1), click Connect to ESR  button (2) and provide logon credential (3) as in the attached screenshot.

Picture 3. Logging in to ESR

4. Once you log in you should see list of your software components as in traditional SAP WebStart UI.

Picture 4. ESR tool in NWDS

Voila! 🙂

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