Message Scheduled for Outbound Processing

Message Scheduled for Outbound Processing


Sometimes for asynchronous interfaces in sender side, in SXI_MONITOR, your message remains in status Scheduled with message “Message Scheduled for Outbound Processing and is marked with green flag. This always needs to be investigated and a common reason is that the message is stuck in a queue. In such case the queue has to be unlocked which can be achieved following below steps in part Solution of this blog post.

Single message stuck in a queue will block the entire queue


  1. Run transactions SMQ1 and SMQ2 to verify inbound and outbound queues. Once the selection screen opens just press F8 to execute. You’ll see list of queues like in the screen below.
qRFC Monitor
Picture 1. qRFC Monitor

2. Drill into queue name to see the list of messages in the queue.
(Double-clicking on the message will open the message preview in SXI_MONITOR)

Message list in the queue
Picture 2. Message list in the queue

3.  Now, go back to the list of queues. Select the one containing your stuck message. Select it and press ‘Activate’ (marked red in the picture).

Picture 3. Queue list

4. Voila, your message should be sent now from R/3 to SAP PI.

Picture 4. Successfully sent message

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