HTTPIO_ERROR_READ_SECURE_STORAGE-Fehlermeldung beim Senden der Daten.

Recently we’ve had our test environment copied into quality assurance environment (ECC and SAP PO). We’ve done some basic reconfiguration in the new environment and when started testing most basic HTTP interface we came across the following error:

Error while sending by HTTP (error code: 40 , error text: HTTPIO_ERROR_READ_SECURE_STORAGE-Fehlermeldung beim Senden der Daten.)

Turned out the reason why this issue had place was incorrect connection assigned in SXMB_ADM -> Integration Engine Configuration.

To fix the error follow these steps:
  1. In your ECC create HTTP connection in SM59 pointing at your SAP PO instance.



2.  Go to SXMB_ADM-> Integration Engine Configuration and create a configuration using created HTTP connection in SM59.


3. Voila! Test your scenario now. Hopefully this solved your case.


Please keep in mind that the cause of the error in your case may be totally different. Make sure though that integration engine configuration is properly configured using correct connection configured in SM59.

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