Data retention period in SAP PO Performance Monitor

SAP Performance Monitor allows you to analyze workload of your PO instance as per provided time intervals. Data used by Performance Monitor is stored in database therefore it’s invulnerable to loses during restarts.  It may be, however, insufficient to make a proper analysis with the default retained time intervals.

Default SAP settings

By default SAP PO performance monitor stores data for the following periods of time:

  • Last 7 days aggregated by 1day
  • Last 1 day aggregated by 1h
  • Last 1h aggregated by 15 min

Changing default settings

Since SAP PI 7.31 SAP delivered an enhancement to customize retention for performance monitor data. This option is available in SAP PI 7.4 and SAP PO 7.5 as well. To change default setting (DAILY=7, HOURLY=24, MINUTE=4) SAP provides a servlet accessible under the following URL.



Supported input parameters are:


  • MINUTE – the 15-minute interval
  • HOURLY – the 1-hour interval
  • DAILY – the 1-day interval


  • Any number greater than zero.

Other invalid inputs are ignored.


  1. Increase daily intervals to 14.  This way system will store data for last 14 days aggregated by 1 day (24-hour period).
  2. Increase hourly intervals to 48. This way system will store data for last 48 hours aggregated by 1 hour.
  3. Increase minute intervals to 8. This way system will store data for last 2 hours aggregated by 15-minute periods.
  4. Set all 3 settings in points 1-3 at the same time.


Since SAP PO Performance Monitor stores data in the database please note, that that changing default settings may cause respective table to grow. Table size can be estimated with the following formula:

Rows = Number of Server Nodes * PI Scenarios * (daily + hourly + minute)

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